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Solution Control/Containment Technology

From Flexible Geo-Membranes...
to Heavy Duty Corrosion and Abrasion Resistant Liners and Structures-

Since 1945 BARBER-WEBB has been fabricating and installing a wide variety of liners and specialized plastic products.  Introduced in 1958, our Paraliners® (the industry standard in electro-winning and electrolytic cell liners), have greatly increased operating efficiencies in mining and refining throughout the world.  From conceptual planning to system modification to emergency   mobilization---BARBER- WEBB is your single source.
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   Our technicians are trained with plant-based engineering skills  and have the on-site capabilities that ensure a trouble-free installation.

    From landfills to leach pads, from methane barriers to reservoirs to hazardous containment, we know the materials.  We have the technology and the experience of over 50 years in the business.  Our outstanding reputation in the lining industry rides on every job, so you can be sure your installation will be handled by the best.

    Custom, prefabricated linings are built in our plant under the strictest quality control.  Liners are shipped in one piece or in optimally sized sections for field installations.  But no matter what the size, from custom prefab to field installation, we are here to serve you.  You can depend on BARBER-WEBB.







Barber-Webb is your lining source...
              ...with a full range of
Plastic Resources.

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Quality Assurance/Quality Control

    Because any containment is only as good as its workmanship, we at Barber-Webb make QA/QC our No. 1 priority.  Whether it's in our plant or in the field, you can count on Barber-Webb's dedication to quality.
    Every step of the fabrication and installation process is monitored by our specialized team of quality control personnel.  Beginning with lab testing of materials' specifications and sub-grade and surface inspections, through state-of-the-art field seam testing and documentation, Barber-Webb is there every step of the way.

    - Ash disposal and water recovery basins
    - Brine ponds
    - Cooling tower reservoirs
    - Cut-off wall liners
    - Evaporation ponds
    - Landfills and landfill caps
    - Liquid fertilizer pits
    - Metal recovery, refining and processing   
    - Mine acid retention ponds
    - Neutralization basins
    - Oil storage and refining
    - Plating and galvanizing
    - Potable water pre-settlement ponds and reservoirs
    - Precipitation basins
    - Pulp and paper production
    - Reclamation pits
    - Relining of concrete or asphalt-lined canals, ponds, and reservoirs
    - Sanitary landfills   
    - Hazardous waste landfills
    - Sewage and storm water run-off reservoirs
    - Sewage and waste treatment
    - Water treatment and storage 


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